We are a Portland, Oregon-based design studio committed to creating practical goods that honor modesty and simplicity. Our interest in environments, attractions, and natural beauty inspires the design of our essential goods.

The founder of Umbrella Collective, Erin Sim, was born and raised in Hawaii. It was there that her attention to nature and appreciation of pared-down aesthetics was cultivated. While studying to finish her architecture degree in Japan and Korea, Erin unearthed a passion for craft and design. The simplicity of a practical craft directed her to make her own series of useful everyday things, leading to the creation of Umbrella Collective in 2014.

For us, synthesis and attention to detail are habitual; a desire to produce quality for the sake of quality guides the production of all Umbrella Collective pieces. All of our goods are Made in USA, without exception. Every product in our collection is handmade.

The Umbrella Collective vision for the celebration of simplicity reaches beyond everyday fashion goods. We aspire to expand our products into domestic spaces with objects that can adapt and shape themselves to the styles, preferences, and practices of as wide a group of people as possible. Our goal is to provide basic and ordinary design for everyone, everyday, everywhere.